Early Years Foundation Stage of British National Curriculum

Within This program English language serves both ways: to teach and to learn. Children have full language immersion. Our highly qualificated teachers are native speakers, they teach kids speaking English with them. The main priority of British program of early education is to follow the process of education, to improve children`s abilities to communicate with people all over the world, their abilities to self-development, self-confidence, self-respect and respect to others. (personal, social and emotional skills)

The curriculum of the program includes subjects that help to improve personal, social and emotional skills;

create good mood and interest to learning;

develop ability to be attentive to details and persistence in learning; improve language skills;

improve reading and writing skills;

start learning mathematics on elementary level;

understand the need to protect environment;

learn different facts about the world itself;

get knowledge about healthy lifestyle;

get skills in creative activity.